The Membership committee has opened up the District of the Year award program for 2022. The District of the Year award is intended to engage members and potential members to generate physical therapy awareness to consumers of each district. By encouraging districts to create activities that serve the needs of the community, their constituents will be educated about the positive impact of physical therapy. 

The District of the Year award winner will receive $1,000 for their district. Additionally, the Membership committee would like to specifically recognize the person/s who submitted the award. That person would receive a social media spotlight on the TPTA website and would receive contributions towards updated professional headshots. The award will be presented at the 2022 TPTA Annual Conference in October.

To enter, please send the following information to your district chair:

  1. Your name
  2. Your district
  3. A written summary of activities or the event you participated in outlining level of participation, engagement (rated high, moderate, low), and its impact on the community 
  4. Information on social media posts related to your activity
  5. Photos of events/promotions/participants in your activity


Each district is encouraged to develop projects that promote physical therapy in the community i.e. setting up 5K runs, creating virtual tutorials on social media platforms, holding falls prevention screening events, or volunteer events in many other capacities. The program will emphasize promotion of APTA campaigns with encouragement of the #ChoosePT campaign for the 2022 year, including if applicable educating consumers on the information available on the website. 

All submissions must be submitted through the district chair.

Award Determination:

The Membership committee will determine the winner from the submissions. The winner will be chosen based on the entry’s level of participation, engagement, and impact on the community.