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Course Title: Limb Loss and Amputee Rehabilitation: Evidence-Based Strategies Across the Continuum of Care

Presenter: Inger Brueckner

Sponsor: Education Resources, Inc.

CCUs: 14 CCUs

Dates: December 9 & 10, 2022

Location: Live Webinar - 9:40am EST/8:40am CST/7:40am MST/6:40am PST

Description: This course offers a comprehensive perspective for management of the limb loss patient. Clinical expertise can be difficult to obtain since this population is a small portion of the rehabilitation course load. Current research, expert opinions from PT, OT, orthopedic and plastic surgeons, PM&R, prosthetists, as well as patient experiences will be presented. the class addresses the medical issues and common complications that place limbs at risk. Attendees will learn to make educated clinical decisions to improve function. This dynamic course addresses limb loss due to diabetes, vascular disease, trauma, cancer, sepsis, and congenital issues. Current guidelines recommend therapy interactions start pre-operatively and continue through the lifespan of the patient. New technology, surgical techniques and futures directions are included in discussion. Many of the techniques described in the course can be applied to patient populations with limbs at risk and the multi-trauma patient. The course is primarily lecture with multiple video clips taken throughout the continuum of care.

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Posted 11/3/2022