TPTA Advocacy

The majority of crucial communication with the Legislature occurs early in the lawmaking process and involves contacts with your hometown legislators and with House and Senate leadership; particularly with key committee members.

What is the Key Contact Program?
A Key Contact Program is a grassroots-lobbying network of physical therapists that serve as the primary contacts with their legislators.  The purpose of this program is to establish valuable relationships with our legislators in order to gain an increased awareness of the physical therapy profession.  We use this friendship to keep the Legislature aware of the issues that affect physical therapy on a daily basis and those that are long term.

Who are the Key Contacts?
The person selected to be a TPTA Key Contact should:

  • Be a TPTA member;
  • Preferably live in their assigned legislator's district;
  • Have an interest and be willing to get involved in government affairs;
  • Be willing to be a spokesperson for physical therapy; and
  • Be willing to participate in education events on effective lobbying.
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What is a Key Contact responsible for?

  • Establishing and maintaining contact with their legislator(s) and staff; and
  • Relaying information of concern to physical therapists and the practice of physical therapy to their legislator.

Our goal is to have a TPTA Key Contact for every member of the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate.

If you are interested in or have questions about becoming a key contact, please contact TPTA staff at [email protected]