What is the Texas Student Physical Therapy Association (TSPTA)?
It is the student voice of the TPTA by communicating through a liaison network. The TSPTA notifies TPTA student members of current events affecting PT and PTA students. The goal is to create an informed student body which will actively participate in the decision making process  of the TPTA.


Hannah John

Hannah is a second year DPT student.
As TSPTA President, I oversee the TSPTA board and nominating committee, coordinate the distribution of several yearly scholarships and facilitate communication between the TPTA and TSPTA.


Vice President, Megan Broussard, [email protected]

Megan is a first year DPT student at UT Southwestern.
TSPTA vice president, I handle various logistics such as interacting with donors and sponsors, assisting other members of the board, and running conference calls.



 Chase Martin, [email protected]

Chase is a 3rd year PT student at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas and got an undergrad degree from Texas Tech University in 2017. 

 Madison Kirkpatrick , [email protected]

Madison is a second year DPT student in the final three trimesters of PT school at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences – Austin campus.
As the TSPTA Treasurer, I balance the TSPTA budget, file paperwork for student scholarships, and deliver reports during monthly meetings. I plan on specializing in pelvic floor physical therapy and pursuing a PhD (likely in Public Health) after graduation.

PT Delegate, Christina Martinez[email protected]

Christina is a second year PT student. 
As PT student delegate, I attend the monthly meetings of the TPTA delegates, and report back to the TSPTA board and to students across Texas.  In addition, if students would like to bring something to the attention of the TSPTA or TPTA, I serve as an advocate for them. I got my undergraduate degree from the University of Arkansas.

PT Delegate
, Karli Gerwig, [email protected]

Karli is a second year DPT student at UTMB. 
As student PT delegate, I hope to advocate for fellow physical therapy students as well as inform others on how we can be involved in current legislature regarding PT. I believe that when we work together under a united voice, we can make meaningful change that will ultimately result in improved quality of care for our future patients. Over this next year, I hope to show the value of student professional advocacy and help elicit positive change in the physical therapy profession. My professional interests after graduation include outpatient orthopaedics and military PT. 

PTA Delegate, 
Amanda Morris, [email protected]

Amanda is a PTA student at South Plains College in Levelland, TX.
When I’m not busy studying, I love to exercise and spend time outdoors, especially if it involves a beach and/or a volleyball! As PTA delegate, I get to attend APTA and TPTA meetings as well as meetings of the Texas delegation to the House of Delegates. I help students stay informed by reporting what I learn to the TSPTA board during monthly meetings. I am here to help students get involved and learn about all aspects of the physical therapy profession. I am excited and so grateful to serve as the PTA delegate for the upcoming year!


TSPTA Core Ambassador
Roselyn Atoyebi, [email protected]

Roselyn is a second year Doctor of Physical Therapy student at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.
My role as the CA is to be the primary connection between the APTA Student Assembly Board of Directors (SABoD) and the PT and PTA students in Texas. I count it as both a privilege and an honor to serve as your TSPTA Core Ambassador, and I look forward to working with you.

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  • Represent your school as a TSPTA liaison Your responsibilities as a TSPTA liaison include reporting information to your fellow classmates and voicing your school concerns to the TSPTA. 
  • Communication, communication, communication!!!
  • Attend TSPTA meeting at TPTA conferences and Student Conclave
  • Attend your local district meetings. Contact chapter office for information regarding local meetings.
  • Run for a TSPTA office!! View the TSPTA Board Application & Officer Descriptions
  • APTA opportunities
  • APTA web-page
  • Student Assembly web page


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