Referral is no longer needed to evaluate and treat patients.

·         Up to 10 business days for PTs with a doctoral degree, or PTs who have 30 hours of CCUs in Differential Diagnosis

·         Up to 15 business days for PTs with a doctoral degree who have completed a residency or fellowship training

·         Must have at least one year of experience

·         Must have liability insurance

·         Will still need a referral if treatment is needed beyond the allowed days

A disclosure form must be given to patients who are treated by a physical therapist without a referral.  The form shall include language in which the patient acknowledges that physical therapy is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis by a physician, nor is it based on radiological imaging, that a physical therapist cannot diagnose illness or disease, and that such services might not be covered by a patient’s health plan or insurer.

This form is being developed by the Texas Board of PT Examiners and will be required once it is finalized around Nov. 1st, 2019.