The TPTA Leadership Interest Form is now up! Deadline for submissions is June 5, 2020.

For 2020, the following positions will are available:

Vice President
Nominating Committee (1 position)
Delegate-at-Large (5-6 positions)

Please read the leadership information below and then complete the form at the bottom of this page. Please also take note of the membership requirements for each position. Your membership will be confirmed with APTA before you can be slated on the ballot.

If you want to nominate another TPTA member, please email the following information to Lindsey Green at the TPTA office, [email protected]

Your name
Your phone number
The TPTA member you are nominating
Phone number and email for the person you are nominating
The position(s) you are nominating them for
Why you think this person would be a good leader

2020 TPTA Leadership Information

Please read the information below if you are interested in the Vice President, Nominating Committee and/or Delegate At Large positions which will be on the election ballot for 2020.  Please fill out the online Leadership Interest form at the end of this page. The online “Interest Form” does not replace the “Consent to Serve” form. You will receive a Consent to Serve form if you are slated to be on the ballot.

Deadline for Submissions: June 5, 2020

Please read the position descriptions below.  This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of responsibilities. 

Vice President – 3 Year Term

Eligible Member:  Physical Therapist Retired Physical Therapist or Life Physical Therapist member of the Association for five years immediately preceding the election and a Physical Therapist, Retired Physical Therapist or Life Physical Therapist member of the Chapter for the two years immediately preceding the election.  The Vice President term of office is shall be three years. 

Duties and Responsibilities

The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President if the President is absent or incapacitated.  In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the Vice President shall succeed to the Presidency for the unexpired portion of the term and the office of Vice President shall be filled according to the Chapter Bylaws.  The Vice President shall preside at the Assembly if the Speaker of the Assembly is absent or incapacitated.

  1. Assist the President in the discharge of the duties of office.
  2. Officiate for the President when necessary.
  3. Meet with successor within thirty days following the Annual Business Meeting of the year of election for the purpose of transferring the Chapter files and orienting the officer to the duties, chapter policies and activities.
  4. May make an annual written report to the Chapter.
  5. Make quarterly reports to the Chapter Board of Directors
  6. Serve as liaison to Chapter Committees and/or Districts as assigned by the Chapter President. 

Operational Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Attend all Board of Directors Meetings, Executive Committee Meetings, and the Texas Assembly.
  2. Be familiar with the principles of parliamentary procedure based on Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.
  3. Become familiar with Chapter Bylaws and Standing Rules, Texas Chapter Reference Manual and the policies of the Board of Directors.
  4. Meet with the President, Speaker of the Assembly, and Parliamentarian prior to the Assembly.
  5. Serve as Vice Speaker of the Assembly.

(Please see the TPTA Chapter Reference Manual for the Vice President’s Duties & Responsibilities upon assumption of the position of Chapter Vice President.)

Nominating Committee – 3 Year Term  (1 position)

Eligible Member:  Physical Therapist, Retired Physical Therapist, and Life Physical Therapist.  The Nominating Committee Chair shall be elected each year by the committee members.  Nominating Committee members shall consist of the five members elected at large and the term of office is three years.  No member may serve consecutive terms.  A member of the Nominating Committee may not serve another Chapter-elected position, except Delegate-at-large. 

Operational Duties and Responsibilities

  1. General Duties
    1. Solicit nominations from each District. Acceptable methods include but are not limited to special mailings, district presentations, and notices in Synergy.
    2. Provide Candidate Packets to nominees for office.  This packet will contain, minimally: 
      1. A Consent to Serve/Biographical form;
      2. Qualifications/responsibilities of office;
      3. Campaign guidelines;
      4. Instructions concerning the elections
    3. Establish and publish a deadline for the return of materials from candidates.
    4. Verify candidates’ membership status with Chapter Staff
    5. Prepare candidate statements and ballot for Synergy
    6. Count ballots prior to Annual Conference.
  2. Duties of the Chair
    1. Oversee nomination and election process.
    2. Carry out or assigns general duties of committee.
    3. Submit Budget Proposals and Expense Vouchers to the Chapter Office.
    4. Prepare and submit Nominating Committee Reports for Board of Directors Meetings and the Annual Report of the committee.
  3. Duties of Committee Members (include but are not limited to)
    1. Secure nominations by seeking individuals throughout the state with leadership abilities.
    2. Assist with elections activities, including tabulation of votes.
    3. Assist the Chair as needed. 

Delegate At Large – 2 Year Term (5-6 positions)*

Eligible Member:  Only Physical Therapist members who have been Association members in any category of membership in good standing for two years immediately preceding election may serve as Chapter Delegates.  Delegates are elected as per the Chapter Bylaws and shall serve a two-year term.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Attend all sessions of the House of Delegates and Texas Assembly during the term for which they were elected.
  2. Present to the House of Delegates all matters as ordered by the Texas Assembly voting body of the Chapter and/or the Chapter Board of Directors.
  3. Vote on issues in accordance with instructions of input from the membership, chapter policies, and/or agreement discussion with other Texas Chapter delegates.
  4. Vote for nominees of the Association Board of Directors and the Association Nominating Committee according to any instructions given by input from the membership at the Assembly, Chapter Board of Directors and/or agreement discussion with other Texas Chapter Delegates.

Operational Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Prior to the House of Delegates:
    1. Complete all assignments
    2. Participate in delegate discussions at delegate meeting or via electronic bulletin board
    3. Obtain delegate materials from the APTA website; read and be familiar with all conference delegate materials including the APTA Delegate Handbook.
    4. If unable to attend Conference, notify the Chief Delegate as soon as possible so that an alternate may be contacted and receive the appropriate delegate materials prior to the Conference. House of Delegates.
  2. During the House of Delegates:
    1. Attend all Chapter Caucuses and pre-House of Delegates meetings.
    2. Attend meetings in professional, business attire.
    3. Provide Chief Delegate with location of lodging and other contact information.
    4. Obtain delegate credentials from Chief Delegate and/or register as a Texas Chapter Delegate (or alternate delegate) at designated time. If not in attendance at the designated time of delegate registration, that vote will be reassigned to a registered alternate delegate, when possible, or the vote will be assigned to another registered delegate at the discretion of the Chief Delegate.
    5. Discus issues and candidates with other delegates in order to become better informed.
    6. Share information gained from discussions with other delegates with the Texas chapter delegation.
    7. Participate in discussion of issues and candidates with an open mind.
    8. Compromise on issues and candidates when indicated.
    9. Keep individual voting record on issue acted on in the House of Delegates and turn in to the Chief Delegate at the close of the House of Delegates.
    10. Evaluate the process for constructive change.
  1. Following the House of Delegates:
    1. Keep non-delegate Chapter members attending Conference apprised of all Texas Chapter Delegation and House of Delegates activities.
    2. Report to their District on the business transacted and the actions taken by the House of Delegates.

*Number of positions is eligible to change based on membership appropriation.

The online “Interest Form” does not replace the “Consent to Serve” form. You will receive a Consent to Serve form if you are slated to be on the ballot.

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