Texas Physical Therapy Foundation

Texas Physical Therapy Foundation ("TPTF” or simply "the Foundation”), formerly known as the Texas Physical Therapy Education and Research Foundation (TPTERF), was founded in Texas in 1994. The object of the Foundation was to raise money and distribute grants for Research and Education to Texas Therapists.

During the past few years the Foundation has awarded over $100,000 in grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 for research and education to therapists in Texas.

The TPTF strongly believes that efforts should support individuals within Texas, and that beginning researchers should be considered for potential grants. Most grant awarding agencies, including the national Foundation, require a level of experience and certain credentials in their applicants that exclude those without established publications.

Consequently, the clinician interested in research and newer graduates are typically not eligible for funding, even if they have well developed ideas and plans. Former TPTF President Kurt Mossberg deserves a great deal of credit for maintaining the mission of including newer researchers in the grant application process.

The Texas Physical Therapy Foundation conducts activities which foster and promote physical therapy education and research. The TPTF is your foundation supporting Texas research: 100% of all donations are distributed as grants or put into investment for future grants. Your TPTF functions with zero administrative costs and has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars to Texas researchers. Since 2006 we have built our investment account from $2000 to $120,000, exceeding our goal of a $100,000 endowment account that can provide seed money for Texas researchers in perpetuity.

Apply for A Grant
The Texas Physical Therapy Foundation (TPTF) is requesting proposals from individuals interested in research related to physical therapy practice. Junior investigators needing financial assistance in generating pilot data, or senior investigators with an interest in a new research area are encouraged to apply. The project should be clinically based, using appropriate outcomes. Collaborative efforts between clinics and academic units are strongly encouraged. Preference will be given to those proposals that are randomized controlled trials and have the greatest potential to impact the practice of physical therapy. The maximum award will be $5000.

The primary purpose of the Foundation is to provide funding for clinical and educational research. Projects designed to advance the practice of physical therapy by determining the efficacy or effectiveness of specific therapeutic approaches will be given priority. All submissions must include a statement clearly describing how the proposed project will impact physical therapy clinical practice. Click the link below to submit an application.

Grant Application

Texas Physical Therapy Foundation News
The Texas Physical Therapy Foundation (TPTF) is very pleased to announce the awarding of $10,000 to our 2018 grant recipients:

  • Alshehre & Alkhathami et al (TWU): $4800 for "Effects of Spinal Stabilization Exercises on Dynamic Balance and Functional Performance in Adults with Subacute and Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Clinical Trial"

  • Pechak & Dillon (UTEP): $4912 for "Examining the Validity of the Physical Therapy Spanish Proficiency Measure for Use Across a DPT Curriculum"

Special thanks to our grant review committee: Sharon Wang (chair), Rita Patterson, Caroline Jansen, Jean-Michel Brismee, Ann Medley, Janna McGaugh, Steve Goffar, Carol McFarland, and Kurt Mossberg.

Past Years

 TPTF received the following generous donations in 2017:

  • A $2500 donation from the UTEP PT program faculty and students from their annual fundraiser. Under the guidance of UTEP Faculty and TPTF grant recipients Celia Pechak and Loretta Dillon, the UTEP DPT students have donated over $15,000 from the proceeds of their fundraisers to TPTF in the past 7 years.

  • Annual donations of $5000 from the Texas Consortium for PT Clinical Education, and $2500 from Accountable Healthcare Staffing from proceeds of sales of the PT MACS and PTA MACS.

  • AN $1800 donation from the proceeds of a CI Certification course held in San Antonio in April 2017. The 4 presenters of this course are the Directors of Clinical Education (DCE) of their PT programs and members of the Texas Consortium for Physical Therapy Clinical Education: Steve Spivey and Shannon Williams from Texas State, Chad Jackson from Incarnate Word, and Mike Geelhoed from UTHSCSA. This marks the 6th year in a row that the DCE’s have worked together to put on a CI course in the San Antonio-Austin corridor and donated 100% of the proceeds to TPTF. Special thanks and remembrance go to Barb Melzer, an original author of the CI Certification course and the inspiration for holding it annually to support the TPTF. 

Thank you for your interest and support of YOUR Texas PT Foundation!

 Mission Statement:

 The purpose of the Texas Physical Therapy Foundation is to conduct activities which foster and promote physical therapy education and research by: 

  • awarding and distributing grants for research studies and projects related to physical therapy;
  • awarding and distributing grants for scholarships to individuals in physical therapy educational programs, and to physical therapy professionals enrolled in advanced studies; and
  • providing support for physical therapy educational programs and faculty.

**TPTF is a 501(c) (3) organization and all donations and contributions are tax deductible