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TPTA is currently accepting course proposals for education tracks and the keynote session for Annual Conference. 

All information must be included in the submission of the proposal. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.

General Education Tracks:
Courses will be reviewed and selected based on the following:

  • Foundation of Evidence in Relation to The Profession; Consider the following three elements: authenticity, reliability, and relevance
  • Intelligibility of Proposal
  • Anticipated Participant Interest
  • Complexity of Content
  • Applicability To Objectives; Objectives should be clear, measurable and specifically describe what the participant will be able to perform at the conclusion of the course; When developing a measurable learning objective consider the utilization of observable actions (refer to Bloom’s Taxonomy) and specific criteria of performance
  • Instructional Method Is Appropriate for Content and Objectives
  • Time and Spacing Limits

Keynote Lecture:
The keynote lecture will take place in the morning on Saturday, October 29th during Assembly. The keynote should be about 30 minutes. In addition to some of the above criteria, the keynote can range in topics. Keynote can be based on the speaker's own experiences and knowledge and can also include motivational and inspirational elements. 

Previous topics have included:

"Patient First Always"
"Critical Thinking and Questioning"
"Clinical Teaching Is More Than Telling"
"Pro Bono Publico and the Power of Volunteering"

Submit your proposal: Currently Closed

Additional Information:

Thinking about submitting a course? We are seeking courses that range in level from Student-Beginner to Professional-Advanced. Courses can be specialty specific. For a list of APTA Sections/Specialties click here.

We are also looking for courses that address some of the latest trends in Physical Therapy.

Examples of recent trends:
Gamified Rehabilitation
Changes in Reimbursement
Wearable Technologies
Patient Safety 
Therapy in Changing Times 
PT Practice Management 
PT and Technology
Diversity in Physical Therapy

Course Proposals deadline has passed. Submit abstracts here