Joy Davenport Award


This award is intended to honor the outstanding physical therapist assistant of the year within the State of Texas. This award has been established in honor of Joy Davenport, a PT who was dedicated to furthering the educational and proficiency of the physical therapist assistant throughout the PTA’s career. This award recognizes an outstanding physical therapist assistant with emphasis on service in the clinical setting and to the community and profession.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. A physical therapist assistant who:
    1.  is a current member of the TPTA.
    2. has been  employed as a PTA in Texas for at least two years immediately prior to the nomination.
    3. Demonstrates active participation in and contributions to community activities as well as involvement in the professional organization (APTA and TPTA).
    4. Demonstrates personal and professional growth through service to patients and the profession.

      2.   Members of the selection committee are not eligible for the award during their terms or periods of service.



  1. Any person may submit nominations.
  2. Nominations are made by completing and submitting an electronic nomination form and submission of nomination letter. 
  3. If an individual is not selected for the award in a given year, the individual may be nominated in subsequent years. This would require a new nomination form and supporting materials


    1994 – Mary Elizabeth Morgan 2006 – Luke Markert 
    1995 – Barbara Finch 2007 – Cindy Jo Lavine 
    1996 – Sandra Brougher 2008 – Virgina "Dee" Ellis
    1997 – Kersten S Coop 2009 – Norma Hilda Gonzalez 
    1998 – Claude Stephens 2010 – Susan Polk 
    1999 - Joyce Harris 2012 – Deborah Nicole Volek 
    2000 – Julie Carson 2014 - Christina Cayce 
    2001 – Anthony James Waguespack 2018 - Amanda Lopez
    2002 – Michele Kueker  
    2003 – Russel Stowers  
    2004 – Valecia Snyder  
    2005 – George Carrasco