TWLDP Phases

Phase I
After completing the application process and being accepted into the program, Mentees will attend the TPTA Annual Conference.

TPTA Annual Conference in October 

  • Orientation Program
  • Mentor/Mentee Match Up

6 Monthly Webinars 

  • Module 1 – TPTA Organization Structure (Reference Manual)
  • Module 2 – Leadership of Self
  • Module 3 – Leadership at District Level
  • Module 4 – Leadership at State Level 
  • Module 5 – Leadership at National Level
  • Module 6 – Leadership –Future Opportunities in Phase II

Wrap-Up Program or Completion of Phase I or Level I

Phase II- Fellowship Program
After completing Phase I, Mentees qualify as TWLDP Fellow Candidates.

3 Activity Modules 

  • Project Planning
  • Project Implementation
  • Project Completion

If you are interested in volunteering as a Mentor or applying as a Mentee, contact Program Director, Denise Gobert